Inauguration of (Misc) and (Adaa) System at South Valley University.

Prof. Dr. Yousef Grabawy, president of the university witnessed the inauguration of the administrative communications system (misc)and the research tool indicators system (Adaa), with the presence of prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, vice president for postgraduate and researches affairs , prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassary, vice president for community service and environmental development affairs and faculty deans.


Dr. Grabawy affirmed that; within the framework of the university in seeking digital transformation in conformity with the national trends, those two systems were established under the direct supervision of the university president and the executive management of Dr. Ahmed Akkawy. The project (misc) was established to build an electronic system for administrative communication at the university, to achieve fluidity, speed and accuracy in communicating between various administrations and to create a record of administrative transactions which could be retrieved at any time, pointing that the main goal of the project is creating an electronic system of administrative communication for libraries between the different administrations at the university. Dr. Grabawy thanked the work team for their efforts.


Dr. Ahmed Akkawy spoke about the establishment of the electronic application for scientific research indicators (Adaa) which will enable the university of comparing its performance with the international universities through these indicators.

Vice deans and secretaries of different colleges, general secretary of the university and directors-general witnessed the meeting.