Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Assist. Prof. Dr. Alaa Tag El Dein

The faculty of Commerce at South Valley University is honored to 

achieve the vision and mission of the faculty by providing

postgraduate programs that coincide with the requirements of the

state’s development agenda and the strategic plan of South Valley


The regulation of postgraduate studies has developed according to

the Credit Hour System, and professional master’s programs have

offered in the disciplines of accounting, management, economics and

quantitative methods, in addition to professional diplomas in a large

number of specializations that meet a great demand in the labour


The faculty aims to link its postgraduate programs with the labour

market to provide the student with the requirements that make him

able to compete and develop the skills and knowledge of employees

and administrative leaders in all governmental and private sectors.

The faculty library provides its various services to researchers and

students, and the faculty journal provides opportunities for

researchers to publish their scientific production in the

specializations of management, accounting, economics and

insurance. We are pleased with the proposals that specialize in

developing the scientific field of postgraduate studies.