The college welcomes new students

The college welcomes new students and wishes them a good year

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The Information League Competition for the University Students.

Based on the approval of Prof. Dr. / The President of the University, the Information League Competition will be held (online) among the university students from 15/8/2021 to 31/8/2021.


Launching the official page of South Valley University on Facebook

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy announced the official page of South Valley University on Facebook, mentioning that there are no other official pages for the university except this page. Dr Gharbawy […]


The start of Aptitude Tests at the faculties of South Valley University

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, announced the launch of aptitude tests at the university’s faculties that are eligible to join the faculties of Physical Education, and […]


The Start of Receiving the Applications for Transferring of the Student Enrollment from and to the Faculties of South Valley University

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, announced the start of receiving the applications for transferring of student enrollment from and to the faculties of South Valley University […]



In order to enhance the learning environment at the Faculty of Agriculture to provide opportunities to prepare students as leaders and intellectuals, critics and then be able to solve problems by increasing educational programs for college through cooperation within and outside the university such as the College of Agriculture. Guiding professional programs for alumni where address problems faced by rural people in urban, suburban and rural areas in the South Valley Maintaining the acquisition of technology in classrooms and laboratories where the objective of this research is to strengthen the knowledge base and achieve critical thinking to our alumni In order to implement and achieve our goals in education so it should be applying following: 1 - Strengthening the professional programs for alumni by allocating additional resources for programs 2- Developing lessons in each curriculum 3 – Providing computers in each college 4 - Maintaining the modern computer resources and support services in college and then re-evaluate budget allocations to update technology and provide them with available technical support annually 5 – Implementing programs that help groups to develop the skills to care, support and guidance throughout their lives for economic security and thus contribute to provide support and care by local communities 6 - Developing teams of researchers and teachers to address the multi-disciplinary policy issues that affect the citizens, groups, agri-businesses and local governments 7 - Implementing of training programs that serve the interests of producers, manufacturers, marketers and processing agricultural products and food, and hence protect the environment 8 - Providing education, research and advisory services to decision-makers to enhance their ability to govern effectively 9 - Implementing documentation of teaching for the faculty development and trainers 10 - Increasing graduated volunteers in the college projects including the required measures for implementation of this initiative that should not be limited to: 1 - Volunteer is running full-time in the college 2 - Expanding of workshops for talented students in secondary schools 4 - Encouraging the college students to interact through the student unions and orientation programs 5 - Strengthening the role of college for guidance in the field of volunteer 6 – Adapting more university students from different groups in society


In the framework of South Valley University mission Faculty of Agriculture prepares qualified graduate in agricultural science who can use modern technology, which enable him to compete in labor market locally and internationally, as well as contributing in society development through scientific research and community services according to values and traditions.


Faculty of Agriculture, University of South Valley strive for excellence in education, scientific research, community service and environmental protection