Dean’s Secretary


Ms/ Esraa Gamal

Administration functions:

  • Overseeing the dean’s office, organizing his activities, procedures, and updating his files.
  • Supervising the implementation of administrative decisions and assignments issued by the Dean’s office.
  • Studying and presenting the topics that come to the office of the Prof. Dr. Dean and follow-up to its issues.
  • Presenting confidential topics and implementing them, whether by keeping them or referring them to the competent authority and observing them.
  • Carrying out all the work that requested by the Dean of the faculty.
  • Follow-up on the implementation of Prof. Dr. Dean of the faculty’s instruction regarding the notes and topics presented to him.
  • Observation the offices of the deputies to organize meetings and interviews with the Prof. Dr. Dean of the faculty.
  • Receiving the faculty members delegated to the faculty and providing them with comfort and hospitality.
  • Receiving and presenting the topics to be presented to the faculty Council.
  • Preparing and processing data to create the faculty website and monitor updating the news, regularly.
  • Monitor the secretarial work of the various departments of the faculty.
  • Preservation, copying, printing and distribution of works that require this.
  • Saving faculty documents in its files.
  • Preserving ministerial decisions, university president decisions, Supreme Council of Universities decisions, and periodical books.
  • Receive mails and correspondences incoming to the office of Prof. Dr. Dean and record them in the incoming book.
  • Making the necessary liaison work required in the office of Prof. Dr. Dean daily.

Organizing the interviews’, appointments’ and meetings’ schedule for the Prof. Dean and presenting it to him.