Prof Dr. Fayez Elhosery Plasma Applications
Prof Dr. Gehad Genedi Nanomaterials and application
Prof Dr. Esam Abdelhady  Energy materials for fuel cell applications
Prof. Dr. Medhat A. Ibrahim  Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy
Prof Dr. Eslam Mohamed   Thermoelectric power
Prof Dr. Sama Imam El-Dek Magnetic Properties from micro to nano
Prof Dr. Zsolt Kovacs, Material Science I
Prof Dr. Ravez Adam Hydrogen storage materials
Professor Dr. Vikt?ia Electron Microscopy (TEM and SEM)
Dr. Peter Jenei X-ray line profile analysis
Associ Prof Dr Ahmed Farghaly Powder and single crystal diffraction
Dr. Taha Tema Biomaterials and Physics of Bio-glass