The candidates’ students for the University

Students apply with the required papers to the General Students& Education Affairs Administration
Required Papers:

  • Transfer application (request form from the General Students& Education Affairs Administration ).
  • Electronic nomination card.
  • A copy of the high school form confirms the student’s success. The High Council of Universities determines the number of Egyptian Students who are admitted to each Faculty or institute through the next academic year according to the suggestions of the University’s Board and the different Faculties’ Boards, as the admission will be among those who have a general secondary degree, it determines too the number of expatriate Students admitted according to the Minister of Higher Education’s decision, as the accepting of expatriate Students according to article 74 of the Executive Regulation of the Law on the Organization of Universities.
  • Students who have high school certification or equivalent: admission shall be in the order of success grades taking into account geographical distribution.
  • Students with technical diplomas: Admission to the faculty of commerce for those who have commercial high school degrees, agricultural Faculties for those who have agricultural high school degrees, engineering colleges for those who have industrial high school degrees, and higher nursing institutes for those who have a general nursing degree.
  • Students with a bachelor’s degree: Students with a bachelor’s degree can admit to other Faculties or departments in the same Faculty according to the requirements of the internal bylaws of Faculties and institutes.
  • Students with a bachelor’s degree in the Faculties of education at the University are admitted to the Faculties of sciences and literature by the third stage in corresponding disciplines in accordance with the internal bylaws of the Faculties of Sciences and Literature. the admission of these categories shall be in accordance with the numbers determined by the Council of each University after taking the opinion of the Faculty Council.
    -The student’s overall estimate shall not be less than (good).
    -The student will study the courses that he has not studied in the previous first and second stages and is exempt from the courses in which he has previously succeeded.
    -(from the bylaws of the Faculty of Sciences and Literature ) the student submits the consent of hand work.

Enrolment Requirements for newcomers

After the student has been nominated from the Electronic Coordination for one of the university’s Faculties, the following shall be done:

-The student delivers his/her papers file to the college students’ affairs, which contains the following:

-General High School certification, indicative the success.
-Birth certificate (national number).
– Form(2) soldierly, for males.
-6 personal photo.
– the stamps of an educational service (10 pounds) on the application.
-Payment of university fees.
-Electronic nomination card.
-plastic file.