The University President Hands TOT Course Certificates at the Information Technology Institute

Prof. Dr. Youssef Ghrabawy, President of South Valley University, handed the certificates of training of trainers (TOT) course at the Information Technology Institute. Dr. Ghrabawy affirmed that the state is working to provide all capabilities within the framework of the trend towards digitization, indicating the importance of the training for the international labor market. He also stressed that the university pays great attention to the computer sector and praised the fruitful cooperation between Faculty of Computers and Information and the Information Technology Institute.

Dr. Alaa Sadiq, Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information, added that the faculty seeks to prepare a qualified graduate and aims to create elective courses, improve students’ skills in computer science, and reduce the gap between students ’abilities and business owners through this cooperation with the Information Technology Institute.

A presentation about the latest developments in Internet technology and its impact on the industry was held by Eng. Mohamed Nasr Abdl Rahman, Sales Manager at Arabian for Science and Technology Co.