Human Resources

Services offered by Human Resources administration:

1- Editing monthly salary payment forms, as well as excess hours and correction forms for faculty members and their assistants from inside the faculty and for assigned from other universities, making regular records to record entitlement, and opening cards to record variable wages.

2- Editing monthly salary payment forms, bonuses and additional  remuneration for the faculty’s employees, making regular records to  record entitlements, and opening cards to record the variable wages.

3- leave monitoring for employees in accordance with the law at the beginning of  each year, making the various leaves whether urgent, vacation, sick or unpaid leave,  maternity leave and childcare leave for women, as well as monitoring the sick  cycle of all employees.

4- Editing monthly salary payment forms for temporary employment of the faculty and making regular records of benefits monthly.

5- Announcing vacancies for academic staff and their assistants and carrying out all appointment procedures after the end of the announcement date.




1- Hossam Abdel Qader Hassan.

2- Muhammad Syed Abul Majd Muhammad.

3- Hussein Abdel Rahim Ahmed Abdel Moneim.