The Orthopedic Surgery Department Participation at South Valley University in the 74th International Conference of the Egyptian Orthopedic Society.

Prof. Dr. Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, announced the Orthopedic Surgery Department Participation in the 74th International Conference of the Egyptian Orthopedic Society and stated that this participation comes within the framework of the University’s desire to participate actively in international and local conferences to provide research and exchange experiences.
Prof. Dr. Ali Goel, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, confirmed that the Department of Orthopedic Surgery is one of the main pillars in providing medical service to road accident sufferers, where the Faculty continues to promote medical service and follow up on everything new

Dr. Sayed Abdul Hamid, Head of Orthopedic Surgery, headed the conference’s delegation with the participation of Dr. Hamdy Tamam and Dr. Ahmed Dosouky, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Sohag Medicine, one of the sessions of the meeting, which discussed everything new about pelvic fractures in adults and children as one of the most challenging fractures spread as a result of road accidents. Dr. Ahmed Khairy and Dr. Wa ‘el-Sheikh participated as well.