Faculty Secretary

Faculty Secretary

Yousof Hassan Mohamed


Faculty Secretary

-This job is on the top administrative jobs in the Faculty.

-This job is concerned with the financial and administrative business policy in the Faculty.


-The secretary submits to general guidance of the Dean’s.

-Supervise the minimum organizational divisions.

-Supervising on the financial and administrative business plans and printing the exective programs.

-Supervise the application of laws, regulations and decisions, and follw up it.

-Supervising on its all financial business.

-Follow up the overall results of its departments, that develop work performance.

-Supervise the development of purchase and storage plans for all required items in the light of the University’s general policy.

-Supervising on forming technical committees.

-Follow up the decisions of the Faculty and University Council.

-Participate in the specialized technical committees.

-Doing what is assigned from other similar work.