The Holy Quran competition.

The Faculty of Medicine congratulates the winning students in the Holy Quran competition, which was held under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Rahman Sayed, Dean of the Faculty, and Dr. Hanan Mahmoud Abdel Latif, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, in cooperation with the Youth Welfare Department at the Faculty on Tuesday, 8/11/2022, which resulted in the win of:

For winners in memorizing the whole Holy Quran
1 – First place: Osama Ahmed Hassan (the 2nd Division )
2 Second place: Mostafa Taj El-Din (the 6th Division )
3- Third place: Ahmed Abdulrahman Mohamed (the 3rd Division )

* Winners of memorizing half of the Holy Quran
1- First place: Amira Essam Ali (the 6th Division)
2: Second place: Zainab Hassan Hajjaji (the 6th Division)

* Winners of memorizing the Quarter of the Holy Quran
1- First place: Sarah Abdel Hamid Khalil (the 5th Division)