South Valley University organizes a Comprehensive Convoy in Khuld Abu Shosha Village, Abu Tesht Center, Qena Governorate.

South Valley University organizes a Comprehensive Convoy to Khuld Abu Shosha Village – Abu Tesht Center, Qena Governorate, within the framework of the Presidential initiative “Dignified Life”, under the patronage of Prof. Dr Yousef Gharbawy, President of the University, and the supervision of Prof. Dr Ahmed Kamal Nassary, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs.

The President of the University confirmed that the convoy included a medical convoy, specialists from the Center of the Adult Education Authority to raise awareness for the people of the village, in addition to the participation of specialists from the Faculty of Specific Education in the (Arts and music) departments, The President of the university pointed out that the medical convoy was carried out by distinguished doctors in various disciplines from the Faculty of Medicine at the university, and the treatment was paid free of charge to all patients who visited the headquarters of the convoy.

Prof. Dr Ahmed Kamal Nassary pointed out that the medical convoy revealed and dispensed free treatment for the number of (650) cases that came as follows (100) cases of Digestive System Diseases, (80) Ophthalmology Diseases, (180) Orthopaedics Diseases, ( 10) Obstetrics and Gynaecology, (60) Nose, Ear&Throat Diseases, (50) Dermatology, (20) Psychological & Neurological cases and 7 cases of people with special needs, and he spoke about the role of the Literacy and Adult Education Centre at the University in the issue of literacy and the awareness-raising on the importance of eliminating illiteracy because it is an obstacle to the development of the country, in addition to both Miss Aye Al-Badry Abdul Sattar and Miss Rehab Ahmed Abdullah from the Faculty of Specific Education in the Arts and Music Departments have made recreational supplements for children of the village to develop the collective working spirit of pupils and the development of the social welfare of children and raise the awareness of the importance of music and art in the service of society.