Special Diploma

1-The student must have a professional or a general and two – year diploma in education with a grade of “good”.

2-The study period is one year.

3-For students, a written exam in the English language is held.

4-The attendance in lectures is 75%.


*The Required Paperwork:-

1- A certified copy of the original graduation certificate – birth certificate – recruitment certificate “for full – time students.”

2- A certified copy of the diploma certificate (General or Professional).

3- A certified copy of the General Service Certificate for female students.

4- A certified copy of the Military Service Certificate.


*Departments of Special Diploma:-

1- Curricula and Teaching Methods Department.

 Major (1) Teaching Strategy Course

 Major (2) Teaching Skills


2- Foundations of Education Department.

 Major (1) Education Basics Course

 Major (2) Educational Management Course


3- Mental Health Department.

 Major (1) Curative Programs

 Major (2) Counseling and Guidance


4- Educational Psychology Department.

 Major (1) Educational Psychology Course

 Major (2) Psychology of special groups course

The student must choose one of the above departments.