The faculty dean and staff extended their congratulations on reappointment to the position of head of department for each of the following:


  • Prof. Dr. Atef Fakar Kamaly.                                               (Head)
  • Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim.                             (Head)
  • Prof. Dr. Samir Saad Khatab.                                               (Head)
  • Prof. Dr. Farag Kadry Alfakharany.                                     (Head)
  • Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Rashad.                              (Head)
  • Prof. Dr. Hamdy Abdel Rady Ali.                                         (Acting head)
  • Prof. Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Khedr.                           (Acting head)
  • Prof. Dr. Khairy Ahmed Moammed.                                  (Acting head)
  • Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Shafy.                                    (Acting head)
  • Prof. Dr. Wafaa Hamdy Hassan.                                         (Acting head)