About the faculty

Decision establishing the Faculty of Arts in Qena, No. 1142 was issued in 1976. The study was started at the faculty in the academic year 1977/78 AD, in the departments of Arabic and English. The sections on History, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Islamic Monuments, Egyptian Antiquities, Media, Psychology, Oriental Languages, Antiquities Restoration, Islamic Studies, French Language, and Libraries were added.


Faculty  goals

The Faculty of Arts participates in providing distinguished educational service for the under and post graduate studies and human, literary and social research. It aims mainly to: –

*Preparing specialized cadres and leaders in the fields of humanities, social and linguistic sciences, and literature, sociology and information, to serve the community in the context of its qualification.

*Carrying out studies and research in the fields of humanities, social, linguistic and literary sciences to develop the society, solving its problems and moving forward for the sake of development.

* planning for the future by participating in various community activities, and state committees to develop development strategies, especially in the educational, social and urban planning areas.