Student’s Hospital

Hospital consists of two floors:

Consists of 4 external clinics in various specializations, laboratory for medical analysis laboratory equipped with modern laboratory equipment. The X-ray room, and oral and dental surgery clinic, the Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs at the hospital, health insurance clinic for university staff and a pharmacy

This includes surgical operation department, consists of operation room, equipped with 2 operation beds, anesthesia instrument, surgical sterilization chamber and the Chamber of tools and sterilize surgical instruments, restroom for doctors, and revival room. Internal department in the hospital consists of rooms for resident students in the hospital, they include 30 beds, and there is a room for doctors.

Dental clinic:

Question: Does checkup in dental clinic happen by a ticket its value one pound?

Answering: yes, checkup, cure, and root up are happened inside dental clinic by a ticket its value one pound.

Q: I want to do teeth wadding . . . does this occur in the medical administration? What are fees? Ans: teeth wadding is happened for students inside the dental clinic. The fees are 4 pounds, includes all steps of teeth wadding.

Q: I want to do x- ray photograph on my wisdom tooth . . . are there x-ray instrument, what it is the value of x-ray photograph?

Ans: there is a dental instrument for doing rays at student hospital in Qena, medical Administration in Aswan, x-ray photograph value is 2 pounds.

Q: a lot of people say that hepatitis is transferred from dental clinics . . . are there steps should be done to prevent transferring this disease?

Ans: There is a keen on the safety of patient and doctor together in dental clinic through the sterilization of instruments and equipment used directly after use. And use the anesthetic needle only one time with each patient.