Awareness symposium on the dangers of drugs abuse

Within the framework of activation the protocol concluded between the university and the Fund for the Combating and Treatment of Addiction on awareness students about the harms of drugs and abuse, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Youssef Gharbawy, President of the University, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassari, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, held a Symposium yesterday at the Faculty of Pharmacy on harms of drugs and abuse under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Muhammad Abu Al-Wafa, Dean of the Faculty, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hosni Hassan, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and with the participation of Dr. Hussain Abu Al-Majd, professor at the Faculty of Arts, and Mr. Khaled Al-Sayed Abdel-Sabour, representative of the Addiction Control and Treatment Fund and Muhammad Al-Kamel, director of the Environmental Projects Administration at the university.

The symposium dealt with the danger of addiction and drugs to health and money, and the role of the university in raising student awareness, as well as raising awareness of the Fund’s role in free treatment of cases in addiction treatment centers throughout the Republic, the confidentiality of treatment, and Al-Azima Center for Addiction Treatment of the University.