Youth Care Administration

 Work Team

  • Ms. Shaima Ali Zaki
  • Mr. Ehab Morgan
  • Mr. Gerges Noyeel Kamel

Youth care administration aims to benefit from students to serve  the community to achieve progress and development.
So youth care is working through the following activities:
(1) Artistic and cultural activity: The cultural activity allows students to participate in (short story , poetry, free verse , Qura’n , and wall magazines) Competitions , and the artistic activity in (music, Choir , individual and collective singing, and theater) Competitions, in addition to the talents development Centers in music, choir and plastic arts.
(2) Social activity: It allows students to participate in trips inside and outside Governorate, and camps that are organized by ministry of youth, (social researches, chess, ideal student) competitions, first aid and Anti-addiction seminars, and camps for preparing leaders.
(3) Students Groups activity: It is an Integrated activity that collects between physical, social, artistic, cultural and trips through cultural Competitions between students groups. Physical and information competitions, and university groups’ festival. Those activities are practiced inside every faculty by the leadership of staff members in each faculty.
(4) Scout and public service: It allows students to participate in public services camps inside faculties, Refresher courses for scouts, international camps, workshops, student trainings, and participating in public service on Governorate and university through out Filling up ponds and marshes.
(5) Physical activity: It allows students to participate in faculty divisions competitions, individual and collective games at university, training center for various games, Egyptian universities competitions in different physical games for all.
(6) Social solidarity: It pays for needy students from social fund at faculties and central administration after checking cases by social specialists, and those subsidies are disbursed under the care of Prof .Dr. vice- president for student affairs of university. That happens after student applied a request to get subsidy, accompanied by a social research from the social affairs administration, and acquisition statement of land. if student’s father is a farmer, or details about student’s father salary, after that the university takes care of him and grants him the subsidy.