Students Affairs Administration

The Student Affairs Administration is considered one of the administrations closest to students whence they deal directly with it, and with the services and guidance it provides where students are in dire need; especially new students.

The computer is used to enter students’ data and print results in a manner that is appropriate to information technology and modern technology, and thus the administration is unique from its counterparts in other faculties in this field.

Services offered by the administration:

1- Issuance of the university card for new and old students.

2- Assisting new students to obtain the medical examination form.

3- Demonstrating semesters results.

4- Issuance of certificates and testimonials about the status of students at the Faculty for all government bodies.

5- Helping students who wish to transfer and obtain a statement of case.

The Administrators:

1- Asmaa Salah Al-Deen Moawad Muhammad
                  Faculty Registrar

2- Abeer Jamal Ahmed Muhammad.

3- Howayda Sayed Muhammad Abdul Qader.

4- Mahmoud Hassan Rashad Rashid.

5- Mustafa Nasra Muhammad Hussein.