The President of South Valley University receives the Arab Organization for Industrialization delegation.

   Within the framework of the continuous and constructive cooperation between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and South Valley University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, President of South Valley University, received a delegation from the presidency of the Arab Organization for Industrialization to enhance cooperation in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Saeed, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Mahmoud El-Shazly, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy, and a group of administrative leaders at South Valley University and El-Ahlia University, and the delegation included Eng. Essam Nor El-Din, Director General of Civil Marketing, headed by the Organization, Eng. Amir Essam El-Din, Engineer in the Marketing Sector of the Organization, and Eng. Mohamed Abdel Naser, Head of Upper Egypt Sales Department.

   Prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy welcomed the delegation of the Arab Organization for Industrialization. He stressed that there is cooperation with the organization in many projects, pointing to the university’s keenness to discuss all financial, administrative, engineering, and technical details with the delegation and Eng. Essam Nor El-Din reviewed the areas of work of the organization, its factories, and its most products in the civil sector represented in electronic devices, computers, educational tablets, insurance systems, camera surveillance, modern energy-saving lighting systems, and the design and implementation of solar power plants, engineering and medical laboratories, office furniture & educational amphitheaters, as well as the implementation of infrastructure projects and engineering and construction projects, stressed the need for integration between the organization and SVU in the fields of training and research.