The President of South Valley University discusses the distinguished program plans in colleges.

   Prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, President of South Valley University, held a meeting to discuss the plan for developing distinguished programs, discuss the financial aspects of those programs, and present the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities regarding the new study programs in the presence of Dr. Badawy Shahat, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Mohmad Saeed, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and the deans of the faculties. During the meeting, Dr. Ahmed Akkawy stressed the keenness of the university administration to keep pace with the standards of excellence and the application of the culture of quality at the university in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030. The President of the University indicated that the university places on top of its priorities harnessing all means of support for the educational process, explaining that the university adopts standards that are compatible with the developmental needs of society, which achieve the advancement of scientific research, improve the quality of its outputs and increase its competitiveness locally, regionally and internationally.

    Prof. Dr. Badawy Shaha promised students to solve all the problems faced by the programs in light of the available capabilities and the need to follow up on the progress of these programs and provide all aspects of support for the success of these programs.