University’s Students Union

The Student Union consists of a group of students and is distributed among seven committees:
The Families Committee, the Social Committee, the Sports Committee, the scouting Committee, the Cultural Committee, the Art Committee, and the Scientific Committee.
The Activity of the Student Union is supervised by a pioneer of the faculty members, and each committee is supervised by a pioneer of the faculty members of the Faculty. The Nominations for the student union elections begin to open in late October.

Nomination Conditions of the Students Union

-Have Egyptian nationality.
-Have good manners and a good reputation.
-To be a new regular student in his bunch.
-To be active in the field of work of the committee in which he is nominated.
-Have not been sentenced to a penalty restricting liberty or deciding to drop or suspend his membership by consensus of the Student Union or their committees for any reason and requires the vote of 50% of the students paid the Union fees at a minimum to complete the elections in this band. If the 50% vote is not completed, the Faculty shall be entitled to appoint a student union of distinguished students to the activities.

The Union’s Vision:

The University Students Union aims at the excellence of the university to achieve quality in the various activities of the Union Council, and the idea of the workflow is based on teamwork through the distribution of roles to the committees, which consist of the secretaries of the committees, assistants, and members of the Council of the Union.

The Union’s Message:

The University Union always strives for a series of successes, which reflect your precious trust in our activities and innovations in the various committees, so we offer an overview of the University Students’ Union for the academic year (2019-2020).

The Union’s Goals:

Develop spiritual and ethical values of the students, Develop national awareness among students and accustom them to leadership, and enable them to express their opinions responsibly.

Spread a good university spirit among students, and make the relationship between them, faculty members, and staff closer.

Discover and encourage students’ talents, abilities, and skills.

Spread and encourage the creation of families and scientific, scouting, artistic, and cultural societies, raising the families level and encouraging those who excel in them, and Organizing the utilization of students’ energies in the service of society for the benefit of the homeland.

Student unions are formatted from the regular students of the University’s Faculties & Institutes, and who paid the Union’s fees. Meanwhile, the Expatriate students and affiliated students who paid the Union’s fees shall have the right to exercise the activity of the Union without having the right to vote or nominate, and the Union Council of Faculty Students shall work to achieve its objectives through the previous committees.

The Union’s Activities:

-Internal trips under the program “Aa’rf Baladak”.
– Seminars and Meetings with VIPs in various fields.
-Leaders’ Preparation Camps.
-International trips (Syria, Turkey, and other foreign countries).
-Creativity competitions in Research, Story, Drawing, Poetry, and Wall Magazines.
-The Sports Tournaments.
-Charitable visits to Hospitals and Orphanages.

Student committees:

The Families Committee: is concerned with encouraging students to create student families in Faculties, supporting and coordinating student activities, supervising student trips, and organizing cultural competitions and sports leagues between students in various games, which strengthens the bonds of friendship and creates a kind of honest competition among students.

The Cultural Committee: is responsible for organizing aspects of cultural activity to enable the student to know the characteristics of society and the needs of its development, as well as working to develop the Literary & Cultural capacity of students.

The Sports Committee: is concerned with spreading the spirit of sports among students and encouraging and developing sports talents through forming sports teams and arranging matches, competitions, and sports festivals.

The Art Committee: is responsible for acting activities – Music – Choral – Plastic Arts – Photography – embroidery Arts.

The Scouting and Public Service Committee is responsible for organizing the discovery movement & the guidance under its principles and implementing the environmental service programs, which has approved by the Faculty Council and departments in a way that contributes to the development of society, where students are involved in the implementation of this programs in the national public service projects that the country need.

The Social Committee is concerned with social activity and trips by developing social ties between students and faculty members, spreading the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood among them, and spreading the university spirit in students by organizing trips and social, cultural, and recreational camps.

– Supporting students who are financially unable from the social solidarity budget according to the case research conducted by the social workers in the Faculty,

– Conduct blood donation campaigns or call for donations to institutions that accept charitable subsidies, such as the Heart Institute or the Cancer Institute.

– Organizes ideal student competitions at the Faculty level and the chess league.

The Scientific Committee is concerned with disseminating scientific and cultural awareness among students and developing mental abilities through the format of different scientific teams such as innovation, computers, and scientific research teams.