University Hostels

University Hostels began at the time of the Qena University establishment in 71/1972, where it was a branch of Assiut University. University Hostels have been expanding buildings and facilities to accommodate the growing numbers of students, This is to facilitate and reduce the financial burden on student families, and it did not become places of residence and food for students but included various aspects of social, cultural, artistic, sports, and medical care, according to a bylaw showing the student his rights and duties in a society where everyone fuses into one crucible, whether he is a supervisor, student so that the student feels safe and secure, and the supervision of university Hostels is carried out by a board of directors headed by Mr. Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Education and Student Affairs in order to put the general policy of the University Hostels and propose any amendments to the bylaw of the University Hostels, as well as the financial and administrative systems and the residence system to keep pace with the developments of the course of affairs, and the University Council adopts this bylaw and the amendments made to it.