South Valley University Achieves Advanced positions in The Times International Classification.

Dr Ahmed Akkawy, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, added that progress has been made on general performance as well as on sub-standards. For example;

the university’s ranking in the field of teaching and publication has improved from (13) to (5)

the fields of engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology and electrical, electronic and civil engineering have improved from  (19) to (10)

the fields of agriculture, forestry, education, history, philosophy and theology have improved from (18) to (9)

The university president thanked the work team (which includes Dr Hamouda Dardir, Dr Muntaser Abdel Sattar, Dr Hossam Harzallah, Eng. Hamada Mohsab, Eng. Ahmed Hassan and Mr Mohamed Sayed) that works hard to advance the university’s rankings.