Scientific Cooperation Between South Valley University and King Michael I University-Romania.

Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, met with the delegation of King Michael I University, Timshura-Romania, in the presence of Dr Ahmed Kamal Nassari, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr Badawy Shahat, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs. The president stated that the visit comes within the framework of the Erasmus program activities with funding by the European Union, under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education, and he discussed with the delegation the educational and research cooperation aspects indicated that the university has many projects in cooperation with the European Union and many partnerships within the framework of international cooperation to transfer experiences, exchange knowledge, support the scientific research system, and consolidates the scientific and cultural relations, which will benefit the university’s international classification

Dr Mahmoud Sayed Abdel Sadek, director of the European Union Projects Unit at the university, added that the delegation of King Michael I University includes a group of the university`s leaders Dr Bet Iwan, Dr Ambera Florenel and Dr Enk Tibera, the visit of the Romanian delegation to South Valley University continues till October 29 and aims to strengthen bilateral relations between the two universities in the scientific and cultural fields