Students Affairs

Mr. Mohamed Hassan

Zakaria Abdel Gabar Ahmed.

Abdallah Sayed Ahmed

Hisham Hussien Moustafa

Hosny Mahmoud Nour-eldein

Amany Sayed Mohammed.

Rehab saad-eldein Mouhamed

Soad Sayed Mouhamed

Wafaa Abo-elsoud Nasary

Its services:
Firstly: Students Affairs:

• Extracting the university card for all students
• Helping the new students in getting the medical examination form
• Showing results of the classes
• Extracting Certificates about the student’s status for all the governmental authorities
• Helping students in transferring his registration to obtain statement of case and completing procedures of transference at the end of the academic year.
• Presenting all services that related to students affairs.

Secondly: Graduate administration:

The director:
Mr. Mahmoud Kamal
• Extracting temporary certificates to the holders of bachelor’s degree.
• Extracting the Certificate of estimation for the four years.

Sohaa Mohammed Ahmed.