Functions provided by the administration:

1- The social solidarity:

The faculty provides aid from the Social Solidarity Fund to unable students who per

capita income in their families below 100 pounds or who with special circumstances as

deemed appropriate by the social assistance committee organized by the Faculty. These

aids are tuition fees, textbooks, eyeglasses, and clothes … etc.


2- The sports activity:

This activity aims to encourage students to practice sports, spread the spirit of

competition among students, and help students to build their bodies properly through the

following activities:

  • fitness competitions, little games, sports day and sports festivals.
  • Team sports such as football, basket, handball, plane ….etc.
  • Individual sports such as tennis, athletics…..etc

3- The cultural activity:

It aims to provide students with new information, help them exchange experiences,

encourage them to practice activities, and develop religious and cultural awareness


  • Religious, educational and political symposiums.
  • Religious, cultural, poetry and literature competitions.
  • Wall magazines and periodicals.

4- The artistic activity:

It aims to develop skills and artistic taste of students through organizing:

  • Art competitions in drawing and plastic arts.
  • Singing competitions.
  • Theater competitions.
  • Concerts held by the faculty.

5- Roaming activities and public service :

It aims to teach student taking responsibility, good behavior, loyalty, belonging and voluntary work through:

  •  New Students Reception Camp.
  • Selection camp for roaming clan.
  • Public Service Camps.
  • Summer parties and volunteer work.

6- Social Activity:

It aims at learning social and recreational skills, forming social relationships, and developing right social interaction between students and the community, through:

  •  competitions of Ideal student and chess.
  • Scientific and recreational trips.
  • Orphans Parties.

7- Student groups Activity:

These groups are formed under the supervision of the administration to encourage students to form social bonds, develop creative abilities and spread the spirit of cooperation among them through:

  • Trips.
  • Various competitions between groups.