International Students Office

International Students’ Office supports the international students in various fields which are not confined to the academic side of education, but extends to support the physical and psychological health.


International Students’ Office aims to deepen relations between Faculty of Agriculture, South Valley University and counterparts all over the world in general, Africa and Asia in particular through communicating with international students whether undergraduate or postgraduate students.


International Students’ Office is committed to providing full support in all aspects of our international students to prepare better agricultural cadres and leaderships in scientific research to keep pace with the global environments and the transfer of knowledge and technology localization in order to serve the development of society all over the world.

Objectives of the Office

The Office aims to set goals and integrated policies to support international students in many aspects through the following:

  • Providing information for all academic programs in the faculty, whether the undergraduate, masters’ degree or doctoral degree, also the admission requirements.
  • Strengthening relations between Egypt and Africa, Asian and Arab countries.
  • Expedite the Provision of various services for expatriates, whether social, humanitarian or academic.
  • Finding solutions to any problem that students are exposed.
  • Do some trips to different cities in Egypt in order to boost tourism.