A Plan to Digitize The Dome Library of Faculty of Arts at South Valley University and Put It on The World Heritage Map

Dr. Youssef Gharbawy, President of the University, stated that the university seeks to develop a plan to digitize the Dome Library of Faculty of Arts and put it on the world heritage map that must be preserved.

Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research checked the Library, with the presence of Dr. Salah Selim, Dean of Faculty of Arts, and Dr. Mona Shahat, Deputy Director of the Quality Assurance Center at the university.

Dr. Akkawy stated that the library contains valuable books, maps, manuscripts and musical notes, as well as pictures of the visit of all the kings and princes of Muhammad Ali dynasty to Upper Egypt, where the pictures show customs, traditions, ancient temples, as well as costumes.

In addition to thousands of rare books in Arabic, English, French, German and other languages,

It also contains some royal orders, and books that their authors dedictated to the kings with their signatures and seals.