A Scientific Seminar at South Valley University to Select The Winners of The Ministry of Social Solidarity Awards

Dr. Youssef Gharbawy, President of the University, witnessed the scientific seminar for the selection of the winners of the awards offered by Ministry of Social Solidarity in cooperation with Alshareyah Charity, and that within the framework of the activities of the outstanding students Incubators Project, with the presence of Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassary, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Dr. Salah Hashem, Advisor to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Mr.  Mostafa Ismail, Secretary General of Alshareyah  Charity, and Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abdel-Sadeq, Scientific Coordinator at the university.

Dr. Gharbawy praised the fruitful and constructive cooperation between the university and Ministry of Social Solidarity for supporting the educational process and thanked the Ministry and Alshareyah Charity, confirming that the cooperation comes under the instructions of the state in supporting the youth, benefiting from their skills and Enhancing their scientific, economic and productive capabilities, in a way that contribute to the development of the local communities and enhancing the positive thoughts for building the state.

Dr. Salah Hashem reviewed the activities of the Social Solidarity Unit at the university, including the “outstanding students incubators” project, which aims to provide scholarships and support to outstanding students with the aim of promoting scientific research and working to implement their research on the ground by funding their research and transferring it to executable projects.

Mr. Mustafa Ismail referred to the achievements of  Alshareyah charity in the fields of education, health and development in Egypt, such as developing and supplying poor villages with facilities, economic empowerment of poor families, caring for 10,000 foreign students at Al-Azhar University, and sponsoring 400,000 orphans and 30,000 children with disabilities.

Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abdel-Sadek pointed that masters and PhD students from abroad of faculties of science, agriculture, veterinary medicine and engineering will be supported with an amount of 25 thousand pounds annually and 1000 pounds per month, where 2 students from each college will be selected from a total of 16 applicants