South Valley University’s Journals Advance in The Periodic Evaluation of Scientific Journals

Dr. Youssef Gharbawy, President of the university, announced that the university’s scientific journals have made remarkable progress, according to the evaluation of local academic scientific journals issued by the Supreme Council of Universities in the July 2021 session, and that in light of the university’s constant keenness on development through digital modernization, quality content and the selection of distinct arbitration institutions.

Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, added that the evaluation rate is from 1 to 7, and 4 journals were rated 7/7, which are SVU-International Journal of Agricultural Sciences, SVU- International Journal of Veterinary Sciences, SVU-International Journal of Educational Sciences, Journal of Qena Faculty of Arts, While 7 other journals were rated 6.5/7 which are SVU-International Journal of Medical Sciences, Scientific Journal of Media Researches and communication Technology, Journal of Educational SciencesHurghada Faculty of Education., SVU- International Journal of engineering science and Applications, Journal of Educational SciencesQena Faculty of Education, Journal of Sports Sciences and Applications of Physical Education, SVU- International Journal of Commercial Research.  SVU- International Journal of  Lawful Studies  was rated 6/7, and SVU-Journal of Abstracts was  rated 5/7.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Wareth, Coordinator of the Academic Journals Unit at the university, declared that this is an achievement compared to last year, and this high rating is the result of the university’s effort, constant follow-up and keenness to promote scientific journals as an important vessel to spread knowledge.