A Board Meeting of The Measurement and Evaluation Centre at South Valley University.

Headed by prof. Dr. Youssef Grabawy, president of the university, in the presence of prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassary, vice president for community service and environmental development affairs and prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, vice president for postgraduate and researches affairs, the measurement and evaluation centre board held a meeting.
Dr. Grabawy pointed out that during the meeting the preparations and readiness of the centre and its subordinate units for the 1st term exams and electronic correction processes were discussed.
Dr. Nassary pointed that the council approved establishing a scientific magazine and that in the light of activating the goals of the centre to raise the cultural awareness in the field of measurement and evaluation.
Dr. Helmy Abo El-Majd, manager of the centre pointed that the centre approved holding training courses in the field of measurement and evaluation and preparing exams, electronic exams and a question bank.