President of The University Meets The Secretaries of Faculties and The Student Affairs Officials.

Prof. Dr. Youssef Grabawy, president of South Valley University met the secretaries of faculties, mangers of adminstrations and student affairs officials to follow-up the readiness of the faculties for exams.
And that in the presence of prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassary, vice president for community service and environmental development affairs and prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, vice president for postgraduate and researches affairs.
Dr. Grabawy affirmed the necessity of holding the exams under the appointed rules and regulations, pointing that there is no toleration for any excuses and stressing the importance of keeping the examination halls clean and sterilized, providing isolation rooms for patients of coronavirus, monitoring of the application of the precautionary measures and providing thermal detectors and ambulances in the surrounding.
Dr Grabawy added that the university cities will begin in receiving students on 16 February 2021.