The Achievements of The University Hospitals at South Valley University for 2020

Prof. Dr. Youssef Grabawy, president of the university reviewed the report of Dr. Mohamed Youssef, executive manager for the university hospitals in Qena.
The most important items of the report which was based on the medical registration data:

The outpatient clinics of the hospitals “which doesn’t suspend even during nCOV” received 63458 patients in all medical specialities

The number of patients which was received by the emergency departments in coordination with the Directorate of Health in Qena was 83285.

A number of 17111 surgeries were operated in the university hospitals as 17083 surgeries were operated for free

The total expenditure of the hospitals’ budget amounted to LE 35 millions.
Dr. Grabawy expressed his sincere thanks to the university hospitals administration which stands ready to provide a medical service that satisfies and promotes to the ambitions of the citizens.