The Quality Insurance Centre Carried out An Internal Audit Visit to Faculty of Science.

Under the guidance of prof. Dr. Youssef Grabawy, president of South Valley University in developing the Quality insurance systems and qualifying the Faculties to obtain accreditation, the quality insurance centre carried out an internal visit to Faculty of science, the visit continues for two days from 23_1 to 24_1_2021.
During the 1st day visit, the visit team checked and evaluated the documents of accreditation standards of the faculty, the actual level of quality and performance and the capacity of the faculty in achieving its message and fulfilling its educational, research and societal role.
The activities continues today to complete documents examination and checking halls, labs, units, administrations, library and all human and material resources in addition to providing training workshops on technical support for the accreditation experts of the faculty
It’s mentioned that the visit team was headed by Dr. Tarek Elkashef, manager of the quality insurance centre at the university and was received by Mr. Dean of faculty of science and the teaching-staff.