Cell Research Center at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Obtains International Accreditation

Prof. Dr. Youssef Ghrabawy, President of South Valley University, announced the accreditation of the “Cellular & Molecular Physiology Research Center ” at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and its international accreditation from the Egyptian Accreditation Council at the Ministry of Trade and Industry as of 12/1/2020 for a period of four years, as it was evaluated according to the new international standard.

Dr. Mohamed Wael Abdel Azim, Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, said that the Cellular & Molecular Physiology Research Center was established in 2012 at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at South Valley University and it includes ten laboratories in different specialties to study cell biology and genetics.

Dr. Hamdi Atito Mohamed Embark, Head of the Physiology Department at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, explained that the center aims within the scope of the state’s general policy in the field of scientific research service to enrich the scientific research movement inside and outside the university, and the center conducts experiments and research on laboratory cells and animals while adhering to local standards and international standards as well as ethical standards for scientific research.