A Workshop on Evaluating Scientific Journals at South Valley University

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Youssef Ghrabawy, President of South Valley University, and the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Akkawy, Vice President for Postgraduate and Research Affairs, the University organized a workshop on the requirements of evaluating scientific journals and how to raise the efficiency of scientific journals to keep pace with the requirements of the Supreme Council of Universities, also the implication of the scientific journals with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB).

Dr. Akkawy emphasized the university president’s support for publishing scientific journals and their importance, adding that this workshop aimed to raise the efficiency of scientific journals for South Valley University in the evaluation that the Supreme Council of Universities annually makes.

The workshop focused on the capabilities of those responsible for scientific journals in the university’s faculties, pointing out that most of the South Valley University journals have been submitted to the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, which will facilitate the evaluation process and enhance the status of these journals.