Resection of a Large Tumor in Patient’s Nasal Cavity in Qena University Hospital

The medical team in Qena University Hospital succeeded in removing a large tumor that fills the right nasal cavity and a part of the tumor in the size of a pear hangs out the nose.
The surgery was operated by using a thermal frequency device and sinus binoculars. It was operated by Dr. Zaki Farouk Aref, assistant professor at the otolaryngology department, with the assistance of Dr. Aida Ahmed, professor at the department, Dr. Ahmed Fathy, specialist at the department and the anesthesia team, headed by Dr. Mahmoud Ismail, anesthesiology professor.
Dr. Mohamed Youssef, executive manager of Qena University Hospitals, affirmed that the patient is in good condition and getting better ,pointing that such precise surgeries need considerable experiences that are available within Qena University Hospitals, and that under the sustainable support of Prof. Dr. Yousef Grabawy, president of South Valley University who always gives instructions for developing the medical system to serve citizens in Upper Egypt.