An Introductory Seminar on Egyptian Banking System Model at South Valley University

Within the framework of qualifying the youth for the labor market, and in the cooperation with The Egyptian Banking Institute and Banque Misr, the Career Development Center (CDC) at the university organized an introductory seminars on Egyptian Banking System Model with the attendance of 580 students, divided into groups to accommodate the precautionary measures.
Prof. Dr. Youssef Ghrabawy, president of the university, expressed his pleasure that (CDC) transfers scientific experiences to students before graduation which enhance the chances of finding jobs on the labor market which requires more skills .
Dr. Mohamed Omran, Manager of Career Development Center (CDC) affirmed that the center seeks in every possible way to provide a large number of training grants for students and graduates in proportion to the goals of the center and the university which keeps up with the trend of the state in creating job opportunities for the youth and spreading the culture of freelancing.