Establishment of Huawei Academy at South Valley University

Prof. Dr. Youssef Ghrabawy, President of South Valley University, announced his approval to the establishment of Huawei Academy at the University’s Career Development Center.

The Academy aims to develop youth skills and involve them in international competitions, transfer technological knowledge, train students and graduates by Huawei Company experts, and grant them accredited certification to the labor market.

Dr. Mohamed Omran, Director of Career Development Center (CDC) at the university, affirmed that the establishment of Huawei Academy will increase the competitive opportunities, especially after establishing a branch of Information Technology Institute (ITI) on the campus, and provide more opportunities for students and graduates to choose their career path.

The Academy provides summer trainings in order to connect graduates with information and communication technology companies and prepare them for the labor market. It also aims to spread the culture of freelancing, which the state seeks to create good job opportunities and reduce unemployment among youth.