Planting 1200 Trees at South Valley University

Prof. Dr. Youssef Ghrabawy, President of the University witnessed the launch of the activities of “hangamelha” initiative to plant 1200 trees at the university, with the presence of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nassary, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Eng. Mohamed Qubbtan, Coordinator of the initiative, and with the participation of the university students. The activities included a seminar at Faculty of Science to introduce the initiative.

President of the university affirmed that this initiative is as important as a lung in desert regions. He also added that last year, 1500 trees were planted within the activities of the environmental week. Dr. Ghrabawy affirmed that the investment map includes adding more productive agricultural land.

Eng. Mohamed Qubbtan emphasized the importance of raising awareness and the participating of students in various initiatives under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. He praised the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Environment for the initiative which has been implemented at various Egyptian universities as 332 thousands trees were planted.

Dr. Khalid ibn Al-Walid, Vice Dean of Faculty of Science for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Dr. Abdul Aziz Shaiba, Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Hisham Ahmed Hussein, Head of Geology Department, Eng. El Hussein Mohamed, Director of Environmental Affairs Agency in Qena, and a number of teaching staff and representatives of the initiative witnessed it.