President of South Valley University: There are No Irregularities in the Appointments of Faculty of Mass Communication.

Prof. Dr. Youssef Ghrabawy, President of the University, affirmed that the university adhered to the law and regulations governing the assignment of teaching assistants to Faculty of Media and Mass Communication in Qena, and there were no irregularities in the appointments. Dr. Gharbawy clarified that the university has assigned 10 teaching assistants of the year 2018 to Faculty of Media and Mass Communication.

Dr. Gharbawy also  explained that the five-year plan for the year 2019 was referring to the appointment of 6 teaching assistants, three teaching assistants in the electronic media department, and one teaching assistant in each of the other departments. However, this plan was rejected due to the limited number of students at the faculty compared to the number of faculty members, the teaching staff and their assistants. Accordingly, the plan was modified.