Holding Military Education Courses Electronically from May 31, 2020

Prof. Dr. Youssef Gharbawy, President of South Valley University, approved the holding of Military Education courses electronically starting from May 31, 2020 by doing an individual research and uploading it within the specified period, each according to the serial number, in addition to doing an electronic exam after the end of the course.


Research Topics:


  • No. 1-100: “The role of the state and concerned agencies in confronting the Coronavirus”
  • No. 101-200: “Coronavirus effect on global and Egyptian economy”
  • No. 201-300: “The role of society in confronting the Coronavirus”
  • No. 301-400: “The negative impact of rumors during the crisis management and how to face it”
  • No. 401-500: “Drugs, its effects, and method of prevention”
  • No. 501-600: “Fourth Generation Wars – the Internet and the dangers of social media platforms”




  • Courses are for military education.
  • Scientific material is available on the Military Education website. http://app.svu.edu.eg/miledu2/materials.aspx
  • Registration takes place electronically on the website as soon as the course is opened.