Recommendations of the 3rd Conference on Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized the 3rd Conference on Veterinary Medicine in Hurgada on August 4, 2018 in coordination with Community Services and Environmental Affairs Sector. It aimed at exchanging experiences, discussing many scientific researches and finding resolutions to many diseases.41 researchers from Universities of Assiut, Suez Canal, Mansoura, Sadat City and South Valley participated in the conference for 3 days. It recommended the following:
-Examining pet turtles and other reptiles to make sure they are free from parasites.
-Conducting further studies and research on Merck’s disease in poultry.
-Expanding in conducting the morphological studies of wild animals in the surrounding environment.
-Using modern technologies in treating some diseases that affect farm animals.
-Rotating the use of insecticides to resist mosquitoes.
-Determining the date of the 4th Conference on Veterinary Medicine and inviting the researchers of the Egyptian and foreign universities to participate in it.
-Detecting the poultry meat to determine the safety and validity for the human consumption.
-Activating the role of veterinary quarries.
-Rationalizing the use of medicine for animals.