Faculty of Medicine organizes a workshop entitled “The new system for the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery”

The Faculty of Medicine, South Valley University, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the University, organized a workshop under the title The new system for the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.” The five-year system was lectured by General Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Tawdi, Head of Military Academy of Medicine.

The University President mentioned that the new regulation will add many fruits to the students specially that the society has recently witnessed tremendous progress. The world has great jumps in the medical fields which come in favor of patients who need all new medicine and continuous care. The University hospitals played a major role in serving our people in Upper Egypt. He announced that there are many specialized hospitals at the University will be opened soon, such as the Emergency Hospital, Women and Child Hospital. He explained the importance of the new medical education system and the modern methods of teaching in this system to the faculty members, their assistants and students.

Prof. Dr. Hamdi Hussein, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, said that this workshop comes within the framework of discussions and proposals for the new regulations for the bachelor’s degree Medicine and Surgery. The workshop was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abu Al Fadl Badran, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs and Prof. Dr. Osama Hussein, Director General of University Hospitals, Hospital Directors, Faculty Agents, Faculty Members, Assistants and Students.