Start working in outpatient building at the university hospital

The South Valley University President Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour announced the start of work in outpatient building at the university hospital in Qena, in the light of concern for developing the University Hospitals in Qena and providing a decent medical service to peoples of the south valley territory. The university president also stressed that the new building will increase the work’s hours of the various departments of the university hospital clinics weekly.
General Manager of the University Hospitals, Dr. Karam Muslim added that the new building includes all outpatients of the different university hospital’s departments, it also includes the university hospital management to facilitate the procedures for patients, he stressing that it is well equipped to raise the quality of medical service provided. The university hospital’s director Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Omar added that the building includes 8 teaching halls for the Faculty of Medicine students equipped with the latest educational methods and contains rest houses for physicians to ensure their presence in the workplace on an ongoing basis.