Graduation Ceremony of Open Education in Ras Gharib

Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president congratulated the graduation ceremony of Faculty of Commerce of Open Education in Ras Ghareb , confirming on the university’s keenness  in expending  the open education in the Red Sea to provide the  service to citizens, he also allocated  (25) acres in Ras Gharib to establish  Faculty of  Petroleum and Mining within new faculties  at The Red Sea branch .  On the other hand, the university president praised efforts of the Red Sea governor to establish the Red Sea University as well as praising services of Ras Gharib City Council in program of open education, while Gen. Mohamed Hilmy , Chairman of Ras Gharib City  Council demanded  to  various disciplines of the programs of open education legal studies and literature program to serve the citizens as well as praising the role of the  University in Ras Gharib , moreover  Mr. Hisham Awad, director of the Open Learning Centre in Ras Gharib  greeted for all leaderships  for their participation in the ceremony. At the conclusion of the Ceremony, the university president    delivered the shields and certifications for (31) students , as well as honoring  Mrs. Fatima Mohamed as the ideal mother  at the level of Education in the presence of leaderships of the Red Sea .