Honoring outstanding students of 10th Universities Youth Week at SVU

Prof. Dr . Abbas Mansour, the university president honored the students who won advanced ranks in 10th Universities Youth Week that organized by Suez Canal University at last September, while student/ Razan Mohamed Wagdy at Faculty of Medicine won the first rank in oil painting and Ahmed Mohamed Tawfiq at Faculty of Law won 3rd rank in (50m) Swimming for special needs students.
On the other hand, the university president confirmed on importance of honoring for students, in order to motive them on participation effectively in student activities, he also praised students at SVU on their participation in all activities and achieving advanced ranks.
Moreover , Mr. Metawa Fekry , general manager of youth care administration pointed that the university achieved many ranks in cultural activities, while the honoring ceremony was attended by Dr.Mahmoud Sayed, general coordinator of student activities at the university