Conclusion Ceremony of Youth Researchers Conference

Conclusion Ceremony of Youth Researchers Conference was held at the university on 3-5 November 2015 in the presence of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president , who praised the participants and researches in this conference, he also thanked them for their efforts for raising the scientific research at the universities , in order to achieve development in Egypt .
On the other hand he demanded from the researchers to form teamwork for formulating researches , he also mentioned the state’s role in supporting and funding the scientific research as well as providing summaries of these researches that were discussed in this conference.
Moreover, Dr. Mahmoud Sayed , reporter of the conference thanked the university president for his supporting to this conference , he also thanked the participants for their efforts and researches , besides mentioning that the conference contributed in communication among researches and exchanging experiences in all issues .
At the end of the ceremony, the university president honored the researchers in the presence of academic staff and students