The 5th International Conference of International Studies 2014 – ICIS 2014

ICIS2014 is jointly organized by the School of International Studies, Northem University of Malaysia(UUM) and Association of International Studies (AIS) in collaboration with the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR) and Ministry of Malaysia Education (MOE).

The main theme of the ICIEd2014 is “Globalization and Nation-States:Dynamics and Implications of The Interactions Between Government, Business and Civil Society”.

The sub themes of the conference are:

Ethnicity and Minority groups
Migration, Refugees, Internally displaced person (IDPs) and Stateless person
Political participation, leadership, decision-making and governance
Diplomacy and Law
Gender and women empowerment and activism
International Political Economy
International Human Rights
International Relations and Foreign Policy
Defense and Security
Environment, Hospital and Tourism
Culture and Civilization
Education, Health and Media
The factors contributing to, challenges and threats for internationalization of business
Global supply chain and logistics
International human resources and expatriation
International Management
International Business Strategy
International Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management
International Operations Management
Cross-Culture Management
International Marketing
International Human Resource Management

All authors are invited to submit their abstract to / before 31 July 2014.

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The 5th International Conference of International Studies 2014 – ICIS 2014